Care instructions

The most important thing you can do to support our sustainability mission is to take care of your products with love. 

Good leather dog gear is like a good pair of jeans, when new it might appear stiff and unyielding, but it will soon start to shape itself around your dogs habits and adopt the shape of its anatomy.


Vegetable tanned leather ━

Leather is a material that loves to get used! When properly taken care of it ages gracefully and will last you a lifetime.

Clean with a damp cotton cloth and leave to dry. When dry, apply a thin layer of leather fat with a soft shoe brush, a soft cotton cloth, or even directly with your hands. We recommend using a neutral colour, natural leather grease without silicones. A natural, chemical free leather grease will agree with your dog’s coat too.

When cleaning, use a chemical-free leather suitable soap. After washing or after a wet and rainy day out, it's a good idea to let your leather goods dry at room temperature. If the leather is dried in high temperatures, for example on a warm bathroom floor or radiator, it might retract and get dry and stiff.

We use only vegetable-tanned leather for all the products that will be in contact with your dog’s skin and fur. Vegetable tanned basically means that the leather has been dyed with natural products like oak, spruce bark, quebracho, olive leaves, and mimosa bark. By using vegetable-tanned leather, we eliminate the risk of allergies that can be caused by chrome tanned leather. The vegetable-tanned leather will age more naturally than chrome tanned and this will result in a more individual look over time.

Although we try to ensure that the materials we use aren’t susceptible to colour rub, it’s possible that some colour transfer may occur when the leather brushes against pale or abrasive clothing or coats. This is the result of disturbing the wax on the surface of the leather, rather than a permanent dye stain, and is usually easily removable in a normal wash.


Brass ━

Brass is a metal that is completely free of nickel. We use solid brass hardware in our products to eliminate the risk of nickel allergies. It is also a beautiful material that ages with grace.

Because the hardware we use is solid cast, there will never be any unwanted change in colour. Brass however can get dull over time, to get it all nice and shiny again you can simply use brass polish and wipe with a damp cloth.