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The Canem x Dumas collaboration came together through a shared love for Italian Greyhounds.

Dumas Goods are experts on Iggy onesies! The jumpsuit is made in an elastic, soft and warm cotton/ spandex mix with a soft and cozy inner side. The ergonomic jumpsuit design keeps the tail free for wagging while comfortably covering up the whole body.

The collar is made in vegetable tanned leather and fitted with solid brass hardware. The wide cut provides comfortable support for Iggy necks and can be worn on the outside of the jumpsuit.

The full set is made by hand in Europe with respect for animals, people and Nature.

Collar size:

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How to measure jumpsuits

C / Neck circumference: Use a flat tape and measure around your dog’s neck at the level where their collar would usually sit comfortably and tight to their fur.


D / Chest circumference: Use a flat tape and measure around the widest point of your Iggy’s chest. We use the chest measurement as a reference for the entire suit.



Pick your Iggy's CANEM x DUMAS set size from the size chart below.


Size: Neck measurement Collar width
XS 24 - 28 cm 4,5 cm
S 28 - 32 cm 5,5 cm


Size: Chest measurement
XS 36 - 38 cm
S 39 - 41 cm
M 42 - 44 cm
L 45 - 47 cm
XL 48 - 50 cm

Made of natural materials with a proven record of social and environmental responsibility

Manufacturing: Hand made in Norway + Lithuania

Jumpsuit: 92% cotton / 8% spandex

Collar: 100% full grain vegetable tanned leather from Spanish livestock.

Hardware: Solid brass. Made in Germany

  • Natural materials
  • Handmade in Europe
  • Specially designed for Italian Greyhounds
  • Made to order item. Ships in 10-14 business days