Care instructions

The most important thing you can do to support our sustainability mission is to take care of your products with love.


Leather ━

Leather is a material that loves to get used! When properly taken care of it ages gracefully and will last you a lifetime.

Clean with a damp cotton cloth and leave to dry. When dry, apply a thin layer of leather fat with a soft shoe brush, a soft cotton cloth, or even directly with your hands. We recommend using a neutral colour, natural leather grease without silicones.

When cleaning, use a chemical-free leather suitable soap. After washing or after a wet and rainy day out, it's a good idea to let your leather goods dry at room temperature. If the leather is dried in high temperatures, for example on a warm bathroom floor or radiator, it might retract and get dry and stiff.

We use only vegetable-tanned leather for all the products. The vegetable-tanned leather will age more naturally than chrome tanned and this will result in a more individual look over time.