Italian Greyhound wearing Canem Studio harness

Welcoming the ODA bumbag!

Ever dreamed of walking your dog with your hand free for coffees while bringing all your essentials?

With our new ODA bumbag we can make all your dreams come true!

Something new!

At Canem Studio, we believe that true quality is something that can withstand the test of time — in terms of aesthetics, materials, and craftsmanship. 

We purposely have a slow and organic development process because of the time and resources it takes to design and test our products. 

Our releasees are not tied to seasons or the industry standard cycles. We are however constantly working on improving our products and provide you with new designs that will make your and your pups life easier.

In this space you’ll find our newest developments, updates and releases.

  1. Saddle up / Four&Sons

    There comes a point in every modern-day dog owner’s life when they look at their hound’s harness and think, “Is it weird that I want to wear this?...
  2. Almost naked / Four & Sons

    Impeccably designed with signature Nordic style, Canem Studio’s latest release sees its clean-lined minimal aesthetic applied to the humble harnes...
  3. How to pick the right collar

    Picking the right collar for your pup can be surprisingly challenging. When you are searching for the best collar for your dog it’s a good idea to...
  4. Why made to order?

    As modern consumers we expect speed and convenience when we shop, we rarely purchase items that are not “in-stock” and expect them on our doormat ...

Dogs come first!

Our “Chari-tee” project is a new, and ongoing effort working alongside artists and photographers around the world on the subject of animal rights and protection.

Our aim is to raise money for worthwhile independent organisations that help and support dogs who are at the mercy of their circumstances. The organisations we are choosing to work alongside of are often grassrooted in societies where animal welfare has a low priority and is overlooked.